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El mejor bronceador que he probado

Este producto superó todas mis expectativas, el olor es maravilloso, me dejo enamorada! La textura y el color únicos! Y ni hablar de los Beneficios para mi piel 😍 que desde la primera aplicación quedó genial y brillante! Sus ingredientes me hacen sentir segura! Es un producto bien pensado y de calidad! Amo

I freaking love this product

I love to be tan but we know is unhealthy to be out in the sun to get the perfect tan! Since I found this product I have a perfect tan all the time ! Without the damage of the sun I’m getting the perfect bronze color on my skin ! I’m absolutely obsessed! This product is a new staple in my kit ! 100% recommend

love it!

I really like this gradual tan lotion. It makes my skin look like I've been in the sun but without any mess. It's as simple to use as regular lotion, and it doesn't make my clothes or sheets dirty. If you want an easy tan, this is a great choice!

Beautiful tan!

I can finally say I found the perfect product for a self tanner that is easy and can be done at home! ❤️ not only does the lotion leave your skin feeling moisturized without the stickyness, there’s no tanner scent to it which I absolutely love! Would recommend to anyone looking for the most perfect tan at home or wherever :)


What an amazing product. It not only smells great and makes my skin feel and look great., it doesn’t stain my sheets nor my skin. A healthy way to have a nice tan all year round. Highly recommend LaLola!!!!

Hurry and grab it!

I've tested numerous instant wash-off tans, and this is the only one that stayed put, didn't rub off on my clothes, and looked stunningly flawless all night long


I love how easy it is to control my tan with this self-tanner. Whether I want a subtle glow or a deep bronze, it's a breeze. Plus, they give great tips for putting it on smoothly.

Sunkissed Gradual Tan
Anthony Gearhart

Can't believe it took so long for a product like this to hit the market. I'm addicted

Si vives en ciudades sin sol , necesitas esto!!

Viviendo en un lugar donde el sol no siempre brilla, este autobronceador es mi salvación. Es un MUST en mi beauty routine.

Seriously very easy to use

I've tried a bunch of tanners, but this one is the bomb. It goes on smooth, dries quickly, and leaves my skin feeling all moisturized.

very gentle

Sensitive skin peeps, listen up! This self-tanner is a blessing. It won't make you all red and itchy. It just gives you this golden glow that's legit

No weird smellll! thank god

Love this gradual tan. It doesn't transfer onto my clothes or smell funky, also the color is incredibly natural, too. Thank God someone came with this product. My before and after is amazing.

Love the smell

This gradual tan is a game-changer for me. Unlike others, it smells really good! It's something that always bothered me, so I'm super happy I found this one.

Great if you cant be in the sun

Love this self-tanner! Since I can't be in the sun, it's my go-to for a beautiful bronzed look. It's easy, safe, and gives me that sun-kissed glow I love


Obsessed with this gradual tan! It's like a little bottle of sunshine. Not only does it give me a natural, golden glow, but it leaves my skin feeling as soft as a cloud. And the best part? No stains on clothes or sheets! It's a total game-changer. I've never felt so confident and comfy in my own skin. 10/10 would recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SUPER recomendado

No soy amante de las cremas, ni de los bronceadores porque siento que me mancha la piel o nunca queda parejo y honestamente esta ME ENCANTO! Comenzando con El olor es
increíble y la piel queda hermosa sin necesidad de exponerla al sol ni nada, considero que este producto esta en mi top 10 de los que siempre tengo que tener conmigo.

Sunkissed Gradual Tan
Mariangel Arrieche
I loved 🥰

Excellent producer gives me a color and a brightness that I love and best of all without exposing myself to the sun 10/10


Sufro de dermatitis atípica y siempre tenía problemas con ls cremas bronceadoras, pero por fin he encontrado la crema bronceadora perfecta! Super feliz con los resultados y emocionada por que se que tendré mi color caribeño en el frío de Barcelona! 🤍🤎

I finally found it 🤩🤩

Normally whenever I tried to use a self tanning cream... I hated the smell... this one has it all, not only does it smell delicious but it is easy to apply and it has a super pretty color... I'm a fan 🙂


I really love and recommend this product 100%. My tan looks so natural and my skin glows. Im pregnant so Im avoiding sun exposure and this was the best solution ever. I will share below my before and after pictures 🫶🏼

Lola, you are part of my essentials

Really in love with this product

I’m obsessed

This auto bronzer an I have become best friends from now on! Only one application and I saw the results immediately! Also is the easiest auto bronzer I have used! An believe me I have tried! I will be rebuying this the second I run out of it. Additionally it leaves the most healthy and beautiful bronzy color in the skin ! I’m in obsessed .

Sunkissed Gradual Tan
Valeria Cedeno
I am in love with the color sunkiseed

I have tried so many bronzers and this has been one of my favorites because it is a moisturizing lotion and at the same time it tans you and does not stain your clothes, I am super delighted

Sunkissed Gradual Tan
Berta E Vivas Llamozas
THE Best!

I’ll start with 100. This tan lotion exceeded my expectations in every way. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy, making it easy to apply and ensuring a smooth and even coverage. Unlike other tanning lotions I have used in the past, this one did not leave any streaks or patches, resulting in a natural-looking tan.
One of the standout features of this tan lotion is its moisturizing properties. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. The lotion contains nourishing ingredients that not only enhance the tanning process but also provide long-lasting moisture, preventing dryness and flakiness. I was also impressed by the scent of the lotion. It was refreshing and did not leave any lingering odors on my skin. It delivers on its promises, providing a natural-looking tan, moisturized skin, and a pleasant application experience.
Beautiful package, super efficient delivery and love the note!

Best self tan EVER made

Easy to use, non sticky, amazing smell and please let’s talk about the great price 👌🏻